About the Author

CANADA BOOK AWARD 2016   The Magic Mask

Pamela grew up in Saskatchewan. As a young adult she settled in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, eventually finding her way to White Rock B.C. Pamela’s studies led her to a degree in nursing and then a Master’s degree in Education. During her years of study, she discovered writing to be onerous and one of her least favorite areas of education. Pamela was sure she would never write again.

Upon her retirement in 2014 from the Faculty of Health Studies at KPU, Pamela wrote “The Magic Mask.” Listed on her Retirement Bucket List was to write a children’s book. How this came to be on her Bucket List remains a mystery. However, writing the book was great fun and exciting.

Pamela approaches life as an adventure. Her practices of spirituality, and energy transformation and healing, keeps her connected to all the beauty of the world.



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