The Muslim Ban initiated by the U.S.A  woke the world to a reminder that every ONE has the right to live in peace and harmony and to live free from persecution, solely based on religious beliefs.  As individuals we can ease this crisis, and ensure peace and harmony for all, is a reality.

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Cathleen Mewis

I arrived at my trailer in Washington State  yesterday afternoon. Driving through the gate is like breathing in deeply and letting out an audible long sigh. Surrounded by the beauty of decades old trees, contrasted by the remaining snow and ice on the roadsides, adds to the inner peace I instantly feel upon crossing the imaginary threshold. Despite the cold, I lower my window to allow the crisp, green smells to saturate my essence. It brings me to stillness and to oneness with life. I am grateful for all the goodness of life.

The smell of newness still emanates from my two year old trailer. Somehow, in a weird way, this is pleasing. Minimal warmth hangs in the air that the coil heater is pushing out. This trusty heater has been with me since buying this lot and the old trailer that once sat here. The original trailer had a non functioning furnace, so the coil was always on duty. I follow my usual routine of running the furnace on entry and then began the unloading of a few food items, clothes and this old, semi – reliable laptop. After unpacking, I walk the perimeter of my lot, like an old patrol dog, to ensure all is well.

Before leaving for my recreation site, I plan and visualize my experience. There are usually one or two tasks that require attention. I need to contact a furnace service person to unravel the mystery of why my furnace will only cycle twice and then needs to be reset. My pleasure, always a priority, is swimming in the heated pool, surrounded by the magic of the mist, the trees and the stars, followed up with a steamy hot tub and shower. For those of you who know my story of the red bathing cap, I now own a black one. For those that do not know the story and want some background, it is my first blog entry , dated 2016/04/19, titled FEAR. The inches thick icy roads indicates its not appropriate to run. My “sensible” self reminds me that falling on ice would prevent future running for some time. On the floor, next to the trailer door, my Hokas wait patiently for another day to express themselves.

I am up very early today. The Australin Open is on TV. This wasn’t planned, for me to watch the match, but the Williams Sisters are making history again. As i watched the match I also watched for daylight. Once it was light out enough, I swept the deck and raked the lot of fallen acorns , twigs and boughs. The simplicity of life was playing out so smoothly.

Hot green tea provided the warmth I required, after my outdoor activity, and to relax my body to meditate. For nearly an hour, I was somewhere between here and there, suspended in a bath of bliss. Taking my time to return to the now, I had resurfaced a few times , only to be pulled back to the non linear space.  When I finally grounded in the present, I felt complete inner peace, I felt  oneness with everything around me and I felt the warmth of light anchored within. Still in a dream state, I walked into the living area and unconsciously, turned on the TV as I prepared to get on with my day. Suddenly, I felt a cold chill of fear ran through my inner core. I heard myself say Oh My God. I had only felt this depth of fear and shock one other time in my life. It happened on my way to work on the morning of 9/11 when over the radio it was announced the air space over North America was closed to all commercial traffic.

What did I hear that could possibly equal the depth of this reaction? “This is white land” and “America is the ‘greatest’ country in the world”. A history making moment.

These words were uttered from a Syrian refugee, potentially a Muslim, who had just been released from a 17 hour detention at JFK in New York City. According to the news source, he did hold a visa, granted to him prior to the “executive order” to stop all Muslims from entering the U.S.A.  I wondered if he said these words from fear of further detainment or did he really believe what he said.

My visceral response to seeing and hearing this on the news left my shattered heart aching. How could this be? The contrast between my beautiful inner world and the darkness of the outer world left me in confusion. Everyone deserves inner peace, inner beauty and as much light and love that one can hold.

Live in

peace and compassion, share love and light, and spread goodness to all of your inner circle and to everyone you meet each and every day. When each of us lives this way within in our own circles and beyond, the reach of the concentric waves grows and becomes far reaching and endless. The waves becomes ONE. A history making moment.

Live in the light. Spread peace.

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