Beauty and the Beast. I have never seen or read this well known story. There are many variations of this tale, and here I add my own interpretation.

These thoughts were written one week post the US Presidential Election.

What is the beast? What is the beauty?

The beast lies low, hiding and waiting for the opportunity to feed itself. Initially, the beast is sometimes difficult to recognize, but always, it eventually shows itself as it becomes more and more hungry. How is the beast recognized? It slowly shows itself through private thoughts and covert behavior. As it becomes braver and more confident, the beast becomes more obvious and invites others to join the beast. You might feel the beast before you hear it and you might see the beast before you experience it. It feels like a darkness sitting in the corner. It sounds like anger, with words of discrimination and hatred toward those who are perceived as less than the beast. The feel of the beast is fear. The beast invites those that are weak, frightened and lost, to join him as he offers false power and control.

Beauty shines openly, inviting all to come forward.

It has been one week since the USA presidential election. The headlines and news clips has shown blatant behavior of discrimination, physical threats and threats of death towards those who are not in agreement with the president elect. There is fear, anger and disbelief about the outcome of the election. The hateful and divisive language the president elect used to run his campaign, has opened a gate of acceptance to disrespectful behavior towards minorities, immigrants, non heterosexuals, women and anyone else deemed to be weak and a threat due to their perspectives. Copying their parents and older siblings, this behavior is displayed by children towards other children. This behavior is displayed by youth who feel powerless in their adolescent years and displayed by adults who express their fear of their place in a society where color, gender, sexuality, money and class determines who wins.

The beast is hungry and needs to feed itself to survive.

In times of challenge and confusion, it easy to forget about the beauty all around us and how we as individuals and as a collective can shine light on the beauty. Demonstrating love, assisting others in need, using kind words and showing acceptance of others,  nurtures the growth of the beauty. Beauty is all around. In the smiles of passersby, the sun warming your face, the colors of the fallen leaves, the birds’ songs and the blue of the sky. Beauty is laughter, beauty is gentle, beauty is purity of heart and beauty is inner light.

The beauty is easy to keep. Demonstrating compassion and showing love is natural. Beauty is present with our first breath.  Beauty always surpasses the beast.

Practice beauty, starve the beast.

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