Vibrations of excitement during the Christmas season can be felt in the air. For many it is less than exciting, instead filled with anxiety, fear and dread. The thought of the family coming together under the pretense of happy brings memories of Christmas pasts. The underlying tension, the double edged comments and feelings of guilt can lead to over consumption of alcohol, drugs and food. You tell yourself that this year will be different. You will be different this year. All year you have felt happy, carefree and at peace. The many people in your life are generous, loving and caring, reciprocating your own way of being. You are determined to maintain these feelings that are a part of you.

The question becomes how to maintain these feelings and remain positive? Most of us have experienced entering a room where the tension is thick as a rope. Oh oh. What have I come into? Do you let your sense of self be absorbed by the negativity or do you maintain your own high loving vibration, either by leaving or by elevating others from their low vibration to your higher vibration?

Energy vibrations  are very real. Lo w vibrations are slow, dense and heavy. They are often accompanied by judging oneself, disliking oneself and not forgiving oneself without recognizing this way of being. When these behaviors are present, those around the low vibration will also be judged, disliked and unforgiven, perpetuating this lower frequency. High vibrations are fast and extremely light. To keep your frequency high, do not judge others for their behaviors, but rather accept each individual for who they are. Remain open to the potential positives of others and forgive each behavior. I am not suggesting you allow yourself to be used or mistreated, but rather step back from the situation. Become the observer of others, of your environment and of yourself. Observing allows you to maintain your own high frequency. Observing maintains your sense of inner power and you can see with greater clarity all the drama around you, without being a part of the drama. Observing others prevents their energy and their lower vibrations from entering your energy bodies. When others see you are not reacting to or interacting with negative, lower frequencies, their behavior changes. Often they will automatically raise to a higher vibration by becoming more open and kind, and if not, they will, at the least, stop their lower frequency behaviors, recognizing you will not be affected by their behavior.

Sounds easy right? How do you observe others while still maintaining a connection? Become aware of your own presence. Become aware of your body in your surroundings and become aware of others in relation to both. You might think by being the observer you are detached and non feeling. The opposite is true. By separating yourself from the drama, you are able to see the tress within the forest.  When you are not pulled into the lower vibrations, you can observe with more empathy, kindness, love, generosity and forgiveness, than if you are of the drama. Observing rather than becoming part of the drama changes the usual patterns and energies in the room.

Remember who you are, what you are and how you are.

Good, Good, Good Vibrations.




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