The controversy of vaccinations and the safety of it’s use continues to grow. The Center forneedle Disease Control (CDC), the medical community and many parents strongly support vaccinating children and those with compromised immunities such as the elderly.

As a young eager student of nursing I believed what I was taught about vaccines and “flu shots”. Over the years I became more discerning about the information presented to me. A few years ago, at a committee meeting at the university where I taught, we were informed of the health region’s policy that all health care providers are to have the flu vaccine or they would not be permitted on the units of hospitals, provide home care or provide services in the health units. I was very disturbed by this assumption that everyone would mindlessly comply under the threat of being able to work or not work. I openly stated I would not comply by being inoculated by an attenuated virus combined with ingrediants that are toxic and carcinogenic. The inaudible gasp from my colleagues was palpable along with comments such as “you have to” and “you have no choice”. Quietly I replied I did have a choice and I would  not  be getting the “flu shot”. The  associate dean supported my statement that I did not have to comply.  The health authority insisted non vaccinated persons would have to wear a facial mask to reduce the possibility of infecting the patients. I agreed to wearing a facial mask since it protected me from the flu” and other air borne  droplets. My dilemma was easily resolved .As an educated health care professional I understood my rights and I was aware of the ingrediants in the vaccinations. Parents of young children and families caring for the elderly or caring for an immunocompromised family member are faced with deciding if vaccinations are safe or not for their loved ones.

In many states of the USA, vaccinations are compulsary for children entering the school system. Fortunately, most states offer the parents the right to not vaccinate based on religious, medical or philosophical reasons.

There are reports of children becoming autistic following vaccinations. Mostly these are dismissed by the “professionals” as not a consequence of the inocculations the children received, but the “professionals” cannot explain the behavioral changes in their children. Parents know their children and are aware of any changes; irritability, lethargy, muscle weakness and behavior associated with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) have been reported., 2013, reported concessions by government agencies the connection between autism and vaccinations.

”  “conceded, albeit quietly, the combination measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) does, indeed, cause autism.” In a recently published ruling, part of which was censored from public view, a young boy was awarded thousands of dollars after it was determined the MMR vaccine led to a confirmed diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.”

” “suffered from a Table injury under the Vaccine Act- namely on encephalitis” admitted the US Dept. of Health and Human Services,  concession documents by the government remains under seal.”

“a young girl from Houston Texas also awarded massive compensation for injuries resulting from MMR vaccine. She experienced a severe reaction  after receiving MMR vaccine but also DTap (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis), HiB and Prevnar Vaccines. The government conceded that these vaccines led to (the girl’s) autism.” is a large and growing website that offers information about and discussion on the need for vaccines and the safety and efficacy of immunizations. There is a growing number of people who question this practice. The media advertises vaccinations, which is controlled by the billions of dollars from the pharmaceutical companies. Politicians, who make policies and downplay the potential for the adverse effects of vaccines, are fed by their financial contributors, who are, in part the pharmaceutical companies. It is well known pharmaceutical companies pay the labs for testing of their drugs and contribute large sums of money for the building and maintenance of high tech laboratories. Money builds lies and makes more money for those who contribute to the belief of the need for more and more  vaccines. There is growing, Nurses’ and Doctors’ groups, that are rejecting the need for immunizations. The myth that the diseases, for which we are immunized, are deadly and without the vaccines we will have epidemics of these diseases with untold number of deaths. The truth is by the 1950s, most of these diseases like polio, TB, diphtheria, whooping cough, scarlet fever, small pox, mumps and chicken pox were mild diseases that at most caused discomfort in healthy children and adults. By the 1940s, these diseases were rarely deadly. There had been a decrease of 90 to 99% for mortality before the vaccine programs had begun. The CDC has numerous graphs, that are available to the public, showing the rates of infectious diseases of all types.

I am not an expert in public health, communicable dieases or vaccinations. I am an educated individual with decades of a nursing/education background. I am also aware of the pharmaceutical, medical, research, political, and big bank connections. Yes, much of my information comes from the internet and  from grass root groups who are organizing for the truth. Do not take my views and opinions as truth. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.






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