th666wz6bo-stage How does stage play make sense of the tragedies we hear about and the tragedies we personally experience? How do we explain the joy that lightens some paths and dims other paths? How does one accept a young child’s untimely death, the loss of a “season” friend or understand the influence of a special teacher?

“Life is nothing more than an illusion”…..Wiiliam Shakespeare. 

This world is an illusion, nothing more than a drama in where we all play a role. Sometimes we play the star role. The action, the excitement and the sorrow is directly about us. Sometimes we play supporting roles, as a friend, a lover, a family member or a counsellor, filling in the background, providing the structure for the star to shine.

These different roles explain our time on this earth, our time in the presence of someone’s life and our influence upon others. We have chosen these roles prior to birth, because of wanting to assist others in their life plan and lessons.   

When the acute pain, from the absence or from the loss of another, subsides to a dull constant ache, know they have fulfilled their role gracefully with love and have returned to the light. They have given unselfishly so you can act out your own role.

“All the world’s a stage. And all men and women merely players” ……William Shakespeare.    







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