Social Media posts can be silly, ridiculous, funny, educational and inspiring. Recently, I found a posting on my FB page that was both inspiring and educational.

Elle and Cosmopolitan magazines were highlighted on a recent FB post.

Elle had 426 pages and weighed 1.15 kg (2.5 lbs). Cosmopolitan had 244 pages and weighed 0.42kg (1 lb.).

Elle magazine had 364 of 426 pages of advertising and paid content. That’s 85% advertising!

Cosmopolitan magazine had 158 of 244 pages of advertising and paid content. That’s 64% advertising!

What is being advertised? What articles are written?

What to eat to loose weight, what to wear to look slimmer, to look taller, to look younger, how to act to attract a man, which creams and potions will provide eternal youth, which shoes to wear with certain outfits, what is in style and what is not, how to wear your hair, how to be a perfect  mom, a perfect wife, a perfect sex partner.

I know you don’t need me to elaborate even more. I also know you are aware most of the models being used to demonstrate how we should be are under 21 and are photo shopped and computer enhanced. It is impossible to achieve the look of the models, even if you wanted to. The advertisers know this and the magazine owners know this. Both the advertisers and the magazines will keep this charade going for as long as they are able to direct your life around this make believe story.

It’s all about the money ladies!

What would happen if women no longer bought the shiny magazines with impossible to achieve models and the glossy advertising?

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