Trust your destiny.

How many people do you know who struggle? Not enough money, not enough happiness, not enough recognition. These people seem to always be pushing against the tide, wanting most things their way because they feel it is the right way, but seldom seeing their wants may not be in their best interest. Sometimes when you push too hard for what you want, there is an unpleasant consequence of a push back, resulting in more struggle.

How many people do you know that never seem to struggle? Always happy, grateful and appreciative for what they have, whether it be in abundance or in small increments. How do these people keep moving forward with joy?

Life can throw obstacles in our way to block where we want to go. This can be frustrating or it can be a help to where we are supposed to really go. 

Guiding us in the way that is in our highest good.

Too many times we disregard the messages sent to direct us on our earthly journey. Too many times we don’t trust our own destiny.

Become the observer of your own life.

Recognize the patterns and the synergies of daily actions. 

When you reflect back, do you see how your life floats along serendipitously without the need for struggle?

Sail the sea of life, ride the waves and temper the storms. Rather than fighting the waters, it is much easier to accept what is from a distance, knowing everything has a purpose and a meaning, that in time will expose itself. 


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