Stop and smell the roses.

This phrase is so common, the meaning has probably been lost. You take a few minutes to smile at the small child in the park, you chat with the neighbor you only see at the mailbox and you look at the potted flowers on the front porch, noting the need for dead heading. Then once again you merge into the day, following mindlessly, the routines of what you call living, with all the others who go about their day without really seeing.

If you could step outside of yourself and observe, what would you see?

Busy ness without meaning. Pressured by the need to navigate through traffic, you resist the urge to flip the bird to the car that cut you off. You feel the tension in your neck as your head begins the all too common throb of the impending day. The need to text the office to inform of your potential lateness pulls at you as you see your phone sitting innocently but malevolently next to you. As you review your day ahead you remember your kid is playing soccer this afternoon and you desperately want to go but know in your heart the scheduled meeting later today will run late, as usual.

A blaring horn startles you to move forward on the green. Your heart races a little faster. With a huge sigh, you give in to the inevitable of what your life has become.

The proverbial rat race, chasing something you once believed in, you now realize there is no finish line. You have bought into the need for more. More stuff, more money, more status. What you didn’t knowingly buy into is forfeiting the joy and the beauty all around you. Take a slow, deep breath and step outside yourself . Really look around.  What do you see?

Time is an amazing commodity. It’s value is self determined. How you choose to use your time gives you the resulting dividends. Do you choose to chase the imaginary dream, or do you practice awareness of each and every moment?


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