Chaos is complete disorder and confusion. The world today exemplifies this state and it seems this disorder and confusion perpetuates itself.

The recent waves of refugees,  fleeing in overcrowded, inadequate water crafts, searching for safety, were met with open arms most of the time, but also with fear and uncertainty. These helpless people were willing to sacrifice their well being, and in fact, many lost their families, searching for peace.  After much debate and disagreement, both at the political level and the citizen level, the anger and the threat of others taking away the safety, the jobs, the housing of those who were secure, much of the noise has subsided as everyone found their way and settled in.

Most of us recall the Stanford Rapist, Brock Turner, who sexually assaulted a woman by a dumpster in the United States. Unfortunately, this despicable act is not so uncommon in our civilized world. The court penalized the man with six months in prison, because he was a promising swimmer?, only to be released three months later.  In his mother’s eyes he was not a rapist. How could her little boy be such a vile perpetrator? The story of how the woman fared is not well known, but then almost everyone understands she will be forever changed by the violent experience. This story cannot have a satisfying ending, but maybe something will be learned that hopefully will lead to a much needed change in society.

The professional American football player, Kaepernick is labelled anti American for not standing when the national anthem is played, preferring to kneel. His action is to bring attention to the discrimination and police brutality. His message is far reaching, respectful and is gathering momentum. He has found a way to forge a path to peaceful change, although there are those that believe he should be stripped of his jersey.

North Korea has supposedly shown a force of aggression by deploying a nuclear warhead. Presidential nominee Donald Trump is talking about adding to the current military force and joining forces with Russia. Both of these actions brings to question, Why? Acts of aggression will not propel humanity towards peace.

Fentanyl is killing those already facing death by their addictions. It is added to heroin for a greater high and an even more addictive quality, and is now being added to marijuana. The traffickers are willing to kill a “few” to snag more addicted users.

Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, climate change, GMOs, fossil fuels, old growth deforestation and extinction of animals.

The world is in turmoil and in real danger of self destruction.

Fortunately, chaos often precedes certainty and order. Fortunately, there are enough of us who know what certainty and order can look like and what certainty and order can feel like.

It’s time to come forward.


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