THE BRAINS – head and heart

The brains, the head brain and the heart brain, exist in the human body.



The physical brain cannot differentiate between physical pain and emotional pain.

Stubbing your toe brings an intensity of pain that is so concentrated it reverberates through your being and brings words that you can’t share with the elderly or the very young. It slowly subsides to a dull throb and  vanishes as you carry on through the next few minutes, reminding you of your lack of coordination. The words of self deprecation linger. You wonder how that stupid table leg got in the way or why you jumped up so quickly. You move tenatively.

As the target for a bully, you endure name calling and taunting. Your body retracts into itself in an attempt to protect itself from the pain you feel in your body. It stabs you in the chest region, taking away your breath and your ability to speak. You feel the sting in your eyes. Slowly, the initial physical reaction diminishes. The echo of the hurt clings to you throughout the day, reminding you of the assault. The power of the experience is added to the collection of the past. The weight is dragging you down. When you think of this experience, your chest once again, hurts, clenching unforgivingly.  

In the non visible world, it is known we have two brains. The obvious brain is the one in our head. This is the brain that chatters non stop. A running commentary, judging everything in it’s path. A competition based on duality: right and wrong, good and bad, dark and light, love and fear, male and female. Yes, this is the site of logic, processing the input from our five senses and our limited perspectives. We know this brain is present because of its’ physical presence.

The more powerful brain, the smarter brain, is located within our heart. It cannot be seen with today’s scientific testing. How do we know it’s there? Every interaction, every emotion, every experience can be felt here, in the middle of your chest. This is our connection to the true reality, to the non visible reality, to the energy that is all around. The heart brain is where our essence lives and where unconditional love thrives. This is why emotional pain is so much deeper than physical pain and stays with us for a very long time. Sometimes forever. But this emotional pain is not limited to only the one incurring the pain. It affects all those within the field of this person. A mother feels the pain of her child, a friend feels the pain of  her friend, some feel the pain of another being discriminated against, the pain of a hungry child, the pain of victims of war, or the pain of observing mistreatment of animals. 

If our brain heart feels all this pain and radiates it to everyone in the field, then think about all the goodness it can feel, and it too radiates to everyone in the field. Drop into your heart and feel only compassion and and kindness towards others and all beings, including all plants, all waters, all mountains. The emotions of acceptance and regard will radiate to everyone and everything in it’s field. Can you imagine the love, joy  and light that would spread to each and every one? Can you?              


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